From a Former Subscriber


Today you sent an email to your list, saying, “Do You Need To Apologize?”

You made it about business, but we all already know that you left your loving wife, left your children, and never apologized for all of this hurt and confusion and sadness that you’ve put them through for this last year. You think it’s all just going to get swept under the rug? You think it’s all just going to go away if you keep pretending it’s not there? AND now you’re trying to get my money? You’re trying to rebuild your business “success” after you’ve been exposed by The Salty Droid? You had “success” with your business when you were still employed. That doesn’t sound like a “risk” to me. You weren’t busting ass like the full-time self-employed.

Now your wife has bounced checks at the grocery store instead of food for her children. Leave your family and lie about your business acumen? THAT is online business success?

Do you need to apologize? Yes Dave, YES YOU DO.

-An Unsubscriber

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