Can Dave Navarro Change History? No, But He CAN Determine the Future.

Dear Dave:

I see that you not only have removed all references to your family on your Facebook page, and un-friended us so we cannot communicate with you, since you have cut off all means of communication with your wife, your three children, and your brothers and sister, but you are now rewriting history by removing all references to your family on your own business pages, RockYourDay and The Launch Coach, effectively making it look like you’ve never been married, you’ve never had children to raise and set examples for, and you’ve never “made things work” or overcome obstacles or “Man Up’d” like you encourage your website visitors and fans to do.

Brother, you cannot run away from family and maintain a business that appears to be built on sound ethical principles. Who you are and what you do are intrinsically meshed.

What has happened to you? You can’t erase your family by dragging them nice & neatly into your trash bin like you can on your shiny new MacBook.

You’ve even turned off comments on your website, so you will not even have a conversation with your “fans” about walking your talk.

What could possibly be more important than being a father to your three boys and a husband to your wife, as well as a brother to be proud of. You were that brother, Dave… and you can be again. Make us proud and come home… Man Up… Your words! Be a man, a husband, and a father again… we can do this together, and you do not have to do it alone. We will all be here for you.

You may be trying to rewrite your past, but your future, (again, in your own words from your own blog posts you have now deleted) is still to be written. Will your future be a tale woven of broken relationships, broken promises, and the broken hearts of your sons and your wife, or will you be the man you write about, be the man that will come home and show the world, your fans, your customers, your business partners, how a man can be significant in all areas of his life, and not someone who builds an empire by destroying innocent lives. Do not @RockYourDay by stealing years and years from your family.

Truth hurts. Truth is hard. We only tell the truth and fight for those we love. And the truth is, we do indeed love you… the you that you have suppressed and hidden from everyone now, and we only want you to return to your rightful place at the head of your table.

Your brother,


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